Building a community of free thinkers

Max Mitchell
Free Speech Champions
July 2022

Another summer, another Living Freedom. This time the BOI’s annual summer school took place at Conway Hall in central London with more than sixty students from all over the world, keen and brimming with gusto to dissect the politics and culture of the day. And that’s just what we did.

Over three days of intensive, searching lectures we tried and tested each other, prodded and poked at the intellectual assumptions that are usually free from such invasions. Whether that’s due to the current climate’s chilling effect on airing those views, or the unbearable politeness that thwarts honest debate at universities all over the country, who knows; but neither were present at Living Freedom.

This is a rare opportunity in the life of the modern student; to pursue the truth without red-tape or ideology tying your laces together. One might wonder if young people still have the desire, never mind the ability, to debate freely and charitably on sensitive matters anymore. From the outside looking in, it must seem that debate and open inquiry in universities withered away some time ago, crushed by the leaden dullness of cultish safetyism. Well, from the inside, that’s exactly how it feels.

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