Welcome to Living Freedom

Living Freedom exists to renew freedom through education and debate.

Every generation faces the challenge of understanding freedom for its own times and renewing this core value of modern liberal societies.

Living Freedom offers opportunities for younger generations to explore ideas and debate ideals as they relate to the past, present and future of freedom.

From historic principles such as toleration and freedom of conscience, through to contemporary controversies from cancel culture to the surveillance state, Living Freedom helps young advocates of liberty get to grips with the challenge of renewing freedom for the twenty-first century.

Apply now for Living Freedom Summer School 2024.

Taking place in central London on 11 – 13 July, the school will be attended by around 80 young people aged 18 to 30 who will get to grips with the best that has been said and written over the centuries as well as engage with the most important contemporary issues and challenges.

  • Expert talks: on the history and philosophy of freedom
  • Panels and debates: on contemporary controversies and hot topics
  • Workshops: on complex moral and ethical issues
  • Seminars: on key thinkers and classic texts

Find out more and apply here.

What we do

Freedom isn’t just something that was won by brave souls in the past. It is something that needs to be renewed by each and every generation. Living Freedom provides younger adults with the tools to understand changes in politics, history, culture, art and science by providing spaces to openly discuss and debate them.

Living Freedom events bring insightful experts, thinkers and critics together with young people to explore and interrogate the important ideas and events of our time.

Summer School
Our annual three-day residential summer school. Explore the past, present and future of freedom – talks and panels, debates and workshops, socialise with peers.

University Salons University as it should be. Engage with thought-provoking short talks covering historical thinkers and themes and contemporary hot topics followed by open discussion – university as it should be.

Freedom Forums
Curated talks, in-conversations, film clubs, book discussions and balloon debates with experts and critics. Explore ideas, engage in debate, socialise with your peers.

Ideas Matter

Living Freedom is organised by Ideas Matter, the educational and citizenship charity that seeks to renew social and cultural life through education and debate.

Ideas Matter creates forums to explore the big ideas and ideals that have inspired humanity throughout history and encourages discussion and debate on wide ranging contemporary political and cultural trends.

Whether debating championships, discussion salons or summer schools, our events cater for people of all ages and are brought to life by major thinkers, academics and experts who challenge and inspire attendees to develop their knowledge and understanding.