About Living Freedom

Every generation faces the challenge of understanding freedom for its own times and renewing this core value of modern liberal societies.

Living Freedom offers opportunities for younger generations to explore ideas and debate ideals as they relate to the past, present and future of freedom.

From historic principles such as toleration and freedom of conscience through to contemporary controversies from cancel culture to the surveillance state, help young advocates of liberty get to grips with the challenge of renewing freedom for the 21st century. 

Are you aged 18 to 30? If so, come along to our summer schools, salons and forums.

How can I get involved?

To attend learn about upcoming events, head to our forthcoming events page.

Find out more about our initiatives, head to summer school, university salons or freedom forums.

To invite us to speak or to help organise a salon in your university or your city, email us info@livingfreedom.org.uk

To support us financially, head to our support page.

Living Freedom is a project of Ideas Matter, the education and citizenship charity. Find out more about Ideas Matter here.