University salons

Our University Salons are an opportunity to get to grips with important thinkers from history who can help us better understand how to argue for freedom today.

Our ‘What can we learn from…?’ events take as their starting point important thinkers and cultural figures from the past. They offer an opportunity to understand the emergence of key ideals related to freedom and to explore and debate if and how they remain important in the present.

Each salon starts with a short, accessible talk from thought-provoking experts and critics who offer insights into key thinkers in history. Talks are followed by plenty of time for discussion, with the chance to ask questions and put forward points of your own. Together we will interrogate why these thinkers and the ideas they promoted can offer valuable insights that help us understand freedom then and now.

Invite us to your university

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You can find more details about, and reserve a place at, forthcoming University Salons here.

You can find details of past University Salons here.